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What We Do

Creative Options is a interactive best website design agency and online marketing firm headquartered in Corfu Greece, and working projects all over the world! We are a full service design company who creates beautiful websites and generates results! We specialize in small to medium sized business and are experts in web design, online marketing, and eCommerce website design.

Our focus is on creating stunning designs and then converting that to a fully functioning, sometimes award winning, website. The bottom line is our sites create results, whether you are looking for a lead generating website, an eCommerce selling machine, or spectacular portfolio display.

Since 2007, Creative Options has launched over 250 website design, and branding projects. Our talented team of motivated and specialized personnel will help take your project to the next level. Contact us today for a free consultation! We work in all industries including nonprofit, financial, fashion, restaurant, Government, association, etc.

Creative Options Design Process


web_icons-01Discovery is the most important phase of the design process. This is when we get to know your company, your brand, your goals, and your objectives. The design process is a collaboration between client and agency. We want to give you the best and most effective product possible. To do this, both parties have to do some homework. The client must know what they want to convey to their site audience, and we must know how to convey that message(s) in the most effective way.

Questionnaire and Site Map

web_icons-02To begin our discovery process, we ask our clients to thoroughly fill out a website questionnaire that we created. The questionnaire guides the design process by giving our design team the overall direction to take with each custom design. If this questionnaire is filled out fully and thoroughly, our designers are always in the ballpark when it comes to creating wireframes and mockup designs. The client will tell us websites they like and dislike, competitor websites, goals and objectives, keywords for SEO purposes, and more.

Kick-off Phone Call

web_icons-03During the kick-off phone call we go over the questionnaire and sitemap to make sure we are on the same page. Depending how thoroughly the questionnaire was filled out, a kick-off call can be a brief 5 minutes, to a lengthy 2 hours. Our designers will ask for any clarifications they may need, and our clients will ask any questions they have on their end as well.


web_icons-04Βelieve it is never too soon to start gathering your content, especially for the homepage. To move from discovery into a homepage wire-frame, we ask that you tell us what information (text, charts, images, videos, contact forms, etc.) you need to have displayed on the homepage. The relationship between agency and client is like that between homeowner and contractor. Kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms – they all have 4 walls, but each room serves a different purpose. We will take care of the (information) architecture; we just ask that you tell us what room we’re building.


web_icons-05A wire-frame is the skeleton of your site. By building a rough outline of your site (black and white, no graphics) we ensure that every piece is in place. It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done. This bare-bones layout reveals the structure of the site without distracting stylistic treatments. At this point, if there are any content changes, they can easily be made without disrupting the design.


web_icons-06This is the point where our designers wave their magic wands/mouses and transform your rough site plan into a real design. We summon all of our Photoshop/Illustrator talent and design know-how to create a website that not only works, but wows.



web_icons-07We want you to love your website. The feedback you provide drives the design process. Before we develop your site we make sure that every detail has been approved. We’re flexible so you don’t have to be.



web_icons-08Our development team brings your website to life. They slice the designs into HTML and CSS code. The code is then incorporated into a content management system (CMS platform). Here, you can manage any interactive elements, such as updates, news, or blog posts. We test every page to make sure the site is web ready and functioning as planned. In addition we preform SEO.


web_icons-09Once you approve the demo of your site – we upload the site to your hosting platform where it becomes live and ready to be searched and viewed by the world wide web!