customer_experience_lifecycle_920From “Interested” to “Sales Ready”

Automatic Segmented Email Marketing makes the most of every ad dollar you spend by maximizing lead to sale conversion. You will convert more customers with this process than any other, when done with the right marketing system. With the large majority of customers coming to your site just looking for information, using automatic segmented marketing is the best way to bring them back at the moment they’re ready to buy. You will go from turning a small fraction of visitors into customers into a profit explosion of double digit conversion rates. Think about what that could mean to your bottom line. Double sales? Triple sales? More?​

Do you see a value in putting your name in front of 100,000 people today? Every moment that goes by you are losing lead after lead to a competitor who is using the secret formula of automating conversations with those leads. This successful under utilized system looks like this…

Provide value in each an every email that goes out. Its not enough to just talk about yourself and how great you are. Instead the reader must get something from your email just for reading your email. That starts with great copy writing from the subject line down to the call to action in the email. Creative Options offers the best copy write specialist available for your compulsion.

Design your email so that its light, easy to read and easy to find the one specific action the reader should take. Great looking email can set you apart from your competitors, but great converting design will pay you to do it. Let one of our award winning designers develop your email.

Deliver to a targeted audience and continually make it more targeted. This is where the segmentation of your email list comes in, and how a message to a hot lead should be different than the message you send to a cold lead. Using the latest CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools we can put you on the cutting edge of email marketing segmentation and therefore convert more leads to customers and put more money in your pocket.

Test, tweak and scale up. The hidden secret of the best reason to do email marketing. Unlike many other advertising mediums, you get the business owner’s dream of having effects be immediate, measurable, and adjustable. Know for sure whether your email marketing is working, what the return-on-investment is, then optimize to make it better and scale up for unlimited revenue potential.

Since you are reading this page, it shows that our marketing has worked to bring you here. We didn’t spend $100,000 to make that happen. We didn’t spend $50,000. We used our own systems and cost-effectively drove you where you are right now. Let us do the same for your business using one of the packages you will only find from the email marketing experts of Creative Options.

  1. Email Design and Email Copy Writing Package

  2. Email Design and Email Copy Writing along with Email Delivery Package

  3. Email Design, Email Copy Writing, Landing Page Design and Email Delivery Package

  4. CUSTOM PACKAGE – This includes all of the above but is custom built outside of the scope of the above packages. Where there is a need for additional up-sale’s, segmented CRL Integration, CRM Set-up and so forth.

Let your next email be the one that get’s the worm!