Online marketing is an art form, raising brand awareness and in turn, increasing traffic to your website. There are many possible approaches you can take and identifying your target market is key.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising are your tools to getting seen on the internet. They cannot be ignored if you want to reach your audience.

Here are 6 practical approaches we take to every SEO Analysis

Keyword research will play a big part in understanding your market. Don’t guess what your potential clients are searching for, find out using keyword research. Your keyword research will drive your site’s content and getting this right is essential. Don’t just chase keywords with huge search volume. Unless you are lucky thousands of other sites will also be chasing them and ranking for them could be tough. Look at the long tail of search.

Make sure each page has a unique title element, make sure each page has a unique meta description element, make sure each page has a unique meta keywords element (this one isn’t critical but it’s still worth doing). Use HTML  elements to organize your page content logically and use a CSS based design, not table based. In short use simple web page quality control. The majority of the sites we review miss these basics.

Put yourself into the shoes of the people you hope will visit your site. In the words of Steve Krug, Don’t Make Them Think! No aspect of your site should be a compromise, consider your users at every turn.

Links to your site are vital. You can build links by asking other sites to link to you or you can attract links by creating content others will want to link to. Don’t expect quality sites to link to your site unless there’s a good reason. Link building is a vital aspect of search engine success.

It’s pretty much impossible to build a site and attract lots of search engine traffic quickly. There are exceptions but they are rare. Unless you have something earth shattering to say you need to understand that search engine success takes months and years, not days and weeks. For immediate search engine exposure consider using Pay Per Click advertising.

Don’t expect to build your site and then wait for the visitors. Most sites require constant effort and work if you want to see results. Think of your website as a diary, not a novel. If you haven’t got the resources to do this in house consider using a website management service.

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Localization Infographic

Localization Infographic

the Anatomy Of Content Marketing
Infographic of the anatomy of content marketing
How does SEO Work ?
How does SEO Work ?