nickNick Sirigos
Lead Project Manager, Founder

I love brainstorming how to make big ideas happen.

I started doing web development back in 1999 during the last years of college, moving on to a career in advertising and design, split between two companies. A utility person by nature, I have a deep knowledge in numerous facets of internet technology, including the most important aspect… “how to make it all run as business”. A rare skill set that enables me to go from high level meetings one minute, to translating that vision for a programmer’s and/or designer’s task list the next.


John KirdirasJohn Kardaras
Marketing Guru

I’m excited about how tech is transforming our world.

Starting off as a marketing assistant, John Kirdiras quickly took more and more social networking responsibility off our hands and proudly stacked it on her back. She sees the web as one giant conversation that you have to be involved in to be relevant. “Its like going to a party and you can choose to be the guy in the corner, or you can be the life of the party. It’s all in the choice you make when you walk through the door.”


Christopher MpartzokisChristopher Mpartzokis
Designer Extraordinarre

Sorry, I don’t smile until you are 100% satisfied.

Christofer’s visual abilities are unsurpassed, his creative insight without comparison. Christopher finds the work fascinating to this day as it is unique and rewarding each and every time. Especially when those exciting and fresh ideas come rolling in from the idea loaded entrepreneurs we work with. In his spare time Christopher’s passion is his family and his music.


Theofanis SavvaTheofanis Savva
Project Manager

The meaning of life 00011010100 + 010100011001 = 42

Some people like coding, some people love it, Theofanis is obsessed. The attention to detail that we see from him makes us ecstatic, because clients rave about him, and it makes everyone here look good. Its simply great to have someone around who can think and code.


Heraklis PassasHeraklis Passas
SEO & SMM Manager

Why only get to #1 for one, when ten #1’s are much better.

Let’s face it… traffic leads to sales and your sales is what Heraklisis all about. If we build it… they will come. He knows the importance of being #1 on Google, and that each engine optimization or superb pay per click management is a must. He knows competition is fierce, but he just doesn’t seem to care, he finds a way to push you to the top anyway.


Spiros KavvadiasSpiros Kavvadias
Programming Pro

Don’t worry, those big eyes are painted on the glasses.

Spiros has been hacking away at PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery and related technologies since the turn of the century. A self-taught programmer who strives for pixel-perfect XHTML/CSS, by staying up-to-date with the latest tools of the trade. Including a healthy dose of on-site search engine optimization best practices to make sure a website becomes a business out of the gate.