search-engine-optimizationAmplifying your Position

Long term one of the most lucrative ways to bring in business is through high ranking organic search engine placement. Not only will you get loads of “ready to buy” traffic from a search engine, but your business gets an extra level of credibility and trust from the customer’s perception of your expertise.

There are two ways to rank high on a search engine. The only guaranteed way is pay per click, but the most profitable long term way is showing up in organic results.

SEO is the action of enhancing your website’s position in the major search engines, for particular keywords and or phrases. The higher ranked a site is in the organic results the more visitors and visitor trust your site will receive. Of course, the more visitors the better your bottom line.

We at Creative Options will optimize your website using a proven system of successful search engine optimization techniques. Which include on-site content and formatting, high quality article writing and distribution, social media community building, video production and distribution, and trusty high page rank back-linking strategies that will give you long lasting results.

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This is the information we’ll be looking to discuss regarding your search engine optimization.

  1. What is your niche ?

  2. Who are your competitors ?

  3. Do you have a strong brand presence? (as in, How many people know about what you offer when the name of your brand is “spoken” ?)

  4. What are your current perceptions of digital marketing? (We’ll want to let you know that your brand is the most important part. The hierarchy of importance is… Brand + SMM + Buzz + Linkbuilding. Notice that linkbuilding is still there but a much lower seat.)

  5. What is your marketing budget.

  6. What additional data do you already have? Almost any data will help. CTR maps, Analytics, PPC data, your business model, etc.