Discovery and Analysis

HIRE US A LA CARTE. Looking for an experienced team to address a critical issue or specific challenge? Creative Options can provide project-based services from back-end development to flash and information architecture. We specialize in solving problems at every stage in the digital production cycle.


  •     Stakeholder Interviews
  •     Usability Review
  •     Competitive Research
  •     Design Ideas
  •     Project Plan

Architecture & Specifications

We create a blueprint that defines how it will function. During this phase we translate the business goals and concept into specific interface, functional and technical specifications.


  •     Information Architecture
  •     Functional Specifications
  •     Technical Specifications
  •     Database Architecture
  •     Use Cases
  •     Test Cases

User Interface & Production

Our design group can bring any concept or idea to life. Knowing the back-end as well as we do, we optimize and organize design and production files to generate efficiency for the development team. At this point, you’ll have a clear sense of how the end solution will look and function.


  •     Creative Comps
  •     Design Production
  •     Animation
  •     Copy Writing
  •     Asset Management


Our focus is on quality, technology and efficiency. Over the years our engineering team has built a deep repository of tools and platforms that ensure smarter and faster solutions.


  •     Client-Side Development
  •     Infrastructure Setup
  •     Server-Side Development
  •     3rd Party Integration

Quality Assurance And Deployment

We understand that the success of your product, tool or platform depends greatly on its quality. Our QA department will map every detail of the build to every detail of your specification ensuring high-quality delivery.


  •     Quality Assurance
  •     System Configuration
  •     Launch Management
  •     Training


We stand behind the work we do. At every stage of the process, we guarantee your satisfaction.


  •     Support (24 hour turnaround)
  •     Future Enhancement Plan


Our approach is simple. We listen, architect, design, build, test, deploy, support and we keep listening.

Our project managers work hard to seamlessly integrate with your process so we can all focus on the goals and challenges at hand-not logistics and communications. We can step in at any point, from engineering a project you’ve designed to complete service from discovery and I/A to implementation.

We don’t abandon you after launch. If there’s a bug, we’ll fix it. We promise a 24-hour turnaround for any post-deployment request. We’ll even maintain documentation and provide a complete knowledge base and plan for future enhancements. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.